"Traveling Postcards" enables women to share their stories and empower each other across borders and in spite of distance and difference. I organize postcard-making events where women create small works of art that represent a moment in their life that they wish to share with another woman. Each card is the size of a postcard and can include bits of memories, objects and hand-written stories.

All cards are given away. They travel from one country to another, crossing borders unobstructed and uncensored. I imagine cards from mothers whose children are at war reaching mothers of the soldiers they are fighting. I imagine women who have been living in shelters reaching out and sharing their stories with women who want to know what they can do to stop domestic violence. I believe that these postcards can be our opportunity to creatively voice and record our collective insights as women.

Women like to pay tribute to the relationships in their lives. By using their pictures in a creative way, they adorn and nurture themselves. They place objects such as feathers, beads, paint, buttons, glue and paper on and around their pictures with the knowledge that their images will be sent to another woman who will be inspired by what she sees. Paying creative attention to themselves and those they cherish creates a mindfulness that opens the door for more intimate conversation. Wisdom flows more freely as memories become unlocked.

I welcome new ideas and destinations for Traveling Postcards. Please take a look at where we have been and let me know where you would like to go. I am looking for:

Destinations that create voice and visibility for women

Materials that contain color, beauty and expression

Fund Raising ideas for Traveling Postcards to be self sustaining

Friends who are willing to contribute their wisdom and energy to the project